Secondary and JC Students

Ace your German exams with lively classes conducted by our engaging and experienced teachers committed to your excellence.

Agape School of Education offers German language courses based on MOELC’s syllabus and structure. This ensures that students will be well prepared for the requirements of MOELC’s German language courses and exams.

Students will be tested regularly in line with school and MOELC requirements to ensure proper alignment between Agape School of Education and the students’ secondary schools or JC’s. For students of German as second or third foreign language these tests will be represented in their report book.

The course will run parallel to MOELC’s classes and span the whole calendar year to reflect the continuous nature of the language teachings at MOELC. It also follows the curriculum used by MOELC.

Interested in our German language courses? Then get in touch with us so that we can arrange to make learning German an enjoyable and successful experience.