Goethe Inst. Exam Prep

We offer Academic courses for schooling students, general courses for those who want to learn, and also the specialised courses.

German language courses for adults are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), a framework that prescribes the proficiency level one must have to qualify for each grade. Typically, German employers and universities require a minimum of B1 for non-native German language students, click here (link to German language requirements) for more information.

The group classes for each German language course are listed below. The actual speed of teaching depends to a large extend on the students’ willingness to learn and contribute, so actual class speed might vary from the below information. For each level, private or semi-private teaching can be arranged. These typically offer the benefit of greater flexibility, speed and depth of teaching.

Preparation Course
A1 3 x 18 hours 9 hours
A2 4 x 18 hours 9 hours
B1 5 x 18 hours 12 hours
B2 5 x 18 hours 12 hours

on request only


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