Playgroups and Foundation classes

Introduce your child (3 – 5 year olds) to language through songs, dance, art, role-plays and more! Through our dramatic, literary and creative activities, the children develop self-confidence, a natural immersion to the vocabulary and grammar of the language while building their social and interpersonal skills.

Let’s Play

Experts In Every Language

At Agape School of Education we create a safe environment for the young to ensure their first experience with the German language is enjoyable and safe in our playgroups.

Through song, dance, play and interaction with other children within the playgroup and teacher, they naturally are immersed with basic German words and sentences.

Agape playgroups are effective and a popular choice among families in preparation for relocation to one of the German speaking countries. We have assisted numerous families where only one parent is from a German speaking environment and where relatives do not necessarily speak English. With a basic German proficiency, it will help form a stronger bond with relatives and the family as a whole.

So get in touch with us soon for a trial session for your child in one of our playgroups!.