Primary Students

We offer Academic courses for schooling students, general courses for those who want to learn, and also the specialised courses.

At Agape School of Education we offer German language courses for primary school students who take German as mother tongue in lieu or as an enrichment of their language abilities. The course is aimed at preparing the students for taking German as second or third foreign language in secondary school.

Students will be tested regularly in line with school and MOELC’s requirements to ensure proper alignment between Agape School of Education and the students’ primary schools. These tests will be represented in each student’s report book where German is mother tongue in lieu.

The courses will span the whole calendar year to reflect the continuous nature of the language teachings at primary schools. It follows the curriculum set by MOELC.

If you are interested to have your child take up German as mother tongue in lieu or as an enriching experience, please get in touch with us so that we can help you to make the best out of your child’s learning.