German Playgroup (3 to 5 years old)

Expose your child to German through songs, dance, art, role-plays and more!

At Agape School of Education we offer a save environment for the very young to have their first experience with the German language in our playgroup. Through songs, play and interaction in the group and with our teachers, basic German words and sentences get taught to the children.

This setting is ideal for young children who have to get some basic understanding of German as a preparation for a family relocation to one of the German speaking countries or for young children where one side of the family is from a German speaking background and relatives might not necessarily speak English or any other common language used in Singapore. The basic German will help to form a stronger bond with those relatives.

Get in touch with us so that we might arrange a try-out for your child in one of our playgroups.

Our youngest students, Claire, Kate and Lucas (4 years old) enjoying their German lesson with teacher Maren.