Integrate German into your kids’ life with an Exclusive Holiday Programme


Speaking English has become second nature to us but did you know that English is actually a Germanic Language? That’s how close you are to the German language!

If your child is proficient in English, they already have an advantage in learning German. Want to add one more language to that list of languages your child knows right away? Agape School of Education, Singapore (ASOE) has got you covered!

German is an excellent investment, not just from a linguistic point of view, but also in economic opportunity, networking potential, and cultural gain. Hence, ASOE has specifically designed a 4-week programme for 2022 post-PSLE students applying for a 2nd or 3rd language at the Ministry of Education Language Centre (MOELC) or at a Private Language School in 2022.

As this is a Beginner’s Course, no prior German language knowledge is required to join the course. Doesn’t it sound appealing? Keep reading to learn about this 4-week programme and how it might benefit your child!

What will your children learn through this programme?

  • Learning
    • Understand familiar words and simple phrases when they are spoken slowly and clearly.
  • Speaking
    • Communicate in short, simple phrases.
  • Writing
    • Produce short and simple sentences.

What are the Materials that are used for this programme?

The course will introduce the German language referenced to German textbooks used by MOELC with Prima Plus A1.1 Textbook materials during our 4-week programme. Each session is designed to sharpen the intercultural perspective and train the hearing-sight-understanding aspect of the students. The learning sequences are structured to present the vocabulary and grammar in an easy-to-learn approach for beginners.


At the moment, we have sessions. The breakdown for each type of session is as follows:

  • Physical classes
    • 23 Nov 2022 to 14 Dec 2022
    • 4 sessions
    • Course Fees: SGD$150
    • Not included in course fees:
      • Materials: waived
      • Registration: waived

As mentioned, this is a Beginner’s Course. Hence, there is no prior German language knowledge required to join the course. If you are interested in getting your child started in, you can contact us or register for a course now!

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